Byomkesh Parbo – A near disaster


Watched Arindam Sil’s latest Byomkesh Parbo on the first day of 2017. And the start was far from desirable! Not that I was expecting a breathtaking suspense thriller, but this one was pretty close to a disaster! Completely over the top acts even by seasoned actors like Rajatabha and Rudranil, the script is fairly weak for an even weaker story! There are several inconsistencies in creating the period (half rimmed spectacles of Byomkesh – really? and there are too many of them), we have totally unpalatable action and dance sequences, severe caricatures in the name of characters, hideous makeups of Byomkesh in the name of hideout getups, and what not!

Even the mystery almost seems to get solved by chance rather than Byomkesh really finding the truth by himself! The mystery build up is very weak and so are all of the suspects! 

Abir does look superb though and some of his close shots further accentuates his presence and acceptance as the Satyanweshi! Ritwick has improved from his first outing as Ajit but is still nowhere close to Sashwata. Sohini is appropriate for her part and her period getup works fine! And yes, Dooars and its greenery is captured well in several shots and can pull back many viewers to the banks of Moorti soon! 

But alas – all of this still could not save this Byomkesh outing for me! Definitely not something to start the year with! Hope it does not set the pattern for rest of the year!


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