The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad – isn’t legendary enough

The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad was quite a disappointing read, especially coming after the extremely witty first book by Mrs Funny Bones! While the first book was packed with real life humor and wit in almost every line and had an extremely interesting style of narration; almost all the stories of this book failed in connecting! Of the four ‘Salaam Noni Appa’ was still the one that carries the reader along, followed by some simplistic and yet positive narration of the title story; the last story on which the max number of pages were devoted turned out to be most unappealing due to its weird story telling! Twinkle Khanna is still brilliant as Mrs Funnybones in her TOI columns, and possibly the good Indian reader will look fwd to more of her column compilations coming out as books for the future as well!

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