Director’s Diaries – Inspires dreams

Directors Diaries was a fascinating read! From Govind Nihalani to Vishal Bharadwaj, from Mahesh Bhatt to Imtiaz Ali, from Farah Khan to Zoya Akhtar, the book traverses the initial years of a dozen famous directors, their growing up years, struggles to how they landed up with their first films, and what is their style of working like.. From interesting personal insights to their fears and weaknesses that they worked on as film makers, these interviews are good reference points on cinema and their creators..
Consistently almost all the directors had atleast good ten years (some stretching up to twenty) from when they started working as assistant directors or copywriters or production assistants to full length feature directors and they never gave up!

Motivation enough for aspiring creative folks to continue chasing their dream in addition for them to pick up some tips and experiences of creating cinema!!

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