The association of small bombs leaves you thinking..

The association of small bombs by Karan Mahajan reflects deeply on the aftermath of everyday terrorism both from the perspective of the victim’s families, the survivors and the assaulters.. ‘Small’ is a keyword here because the larger attacks at least get the desired media attention and relative judicial urgency, but the devastation of impacted lives by the smaller crude bombings of ‘just another attack’ is equally severe and goes unnoticed! We live the lives of the Khuranas who lose both their sons on an unfortunate chance visit to a busy marketplace, and how deeply it impacts them and how weird can life make them act to cope with the insurmountable pain! We feel the confusion of the Ahmeds who survive the attack but live with physical, mental and emotional cripples ever after! And then we get the perspectives of the bomb makers diving deep into both the wild and humane sides of their stories! The narrative makes us feel the tragedy and pain of all impacted lives, and blurs the lines between the right and wrong side of things in each individual journey with fine sensitivity.. Mahajan though falters a little towards the end trying to tie back the loose strings in a haste thereby leaving the reader short-changed! But even then, its a vivid moving account of our dark contemporary times and justifies its tag of being amongst the best works of fiction in 2016..

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