Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya – not half as fun as a certain Humpty Sharma


I have no apathy towards well made and genuinely entertaining movies, the operating words being well made (like Dil Dhadakne Do) and genuine (like Kapoor and Sons).. Unfortunately Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya is neither of them! It tries to entertain and falters! It tries to break patriarchal cliches and deceives! Rather it falls back on contrived and regressive dialogs more often than it tries to show Badrinath’s transformation to be the progressive partner of Vaidehi, such jarring dialogs coming from one and all including Vaidehi at times! Its rather sad when a scene in the second half where Varun is literally molested by street goons is treated as something funny and I found hall full of viewers laughing at such a sick projection of humor! And all of this can only be blamed at some rather lousy writing by writer director Shashank Khaitan that overturns his occasional attempts of fresh story telling with badly handled and irksome situations!

And yet, what will stay with you are the sparkling Varun and Alia and their sizzling chemistry! The script is tailormade for Varun Dhawan and he exploits it to the fullest to show a pretty wide range! One can say that he is much more improved and stylized version of modern day Govinda! And that girl in Alia Bhatt shines in every single shot, more so in the first half! She floors everyone thru her Indian wardrobe of the first half and puts up as good an act as she is capable of throughout in spite of a relatively restricted space given to her! But an actor of Alia Bhatt’s calibre really does not need to do something like Badrinath ki Dulhaniya, she is gifted to do so much bigger and better!

There is hardly anything else to write about this formulaic outing from the Dharmas.. Other than Sahil Vaid who is supperb as Badri’s friend.. None of the other supporting cast stays with you.. Music is a huge let down, and the other technical departments are nothing spectacular either other than Manish Malhotra’s styling of Alia! And did I see Alia wear a pink FabIndia kurti that also brightens up my wardrobe 

Overall its a ho-hum, and even the strength of the lead pair cannot salvage it to greater glories!

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