Begum Jaan Trailer – Rajkahini gone wrong

Why am I not surprised at all with the disappointment that the trailer of Begum Jaan has been!

I anticipated the same from the word Go when I heard that Rajkahini was being remade!
Why on earth it needed to be remade! The bengali original gave me goosebumps all over like no other movie would have given in the recent times, and in comparison the trailer or the Hindi remake has come out so loud and jarring!

Even Vidya Balan appears over the top! Her dialogs lacked punch for me and its far more dramatic than straight and cut-throat that the character demands!
Ashish Vidyarthi and Rajit Kapoor in the respective roles of Shaswata and Koushik Sen look pretty jaded out while there was such an amazing chemistry between the later two in the bengali original!
And why on earth would Srijit decide to cast Chunkey Pandey in that critical role of Jishu!! That was almost the game changer of Rajkahini!
Naseeruddin gets cast almost in the wasted role of the king that Rajatabha was in!
The other girls get such little focus in the trailer!

Overall, a thoroughly disappointing trailer, and possibly morning shows the day! Shredding off all remaining expectations from the movie!

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