Haraamkhor – disturbing but inconsistent


Finally caught up on Haraamkhor – a well made film that leaves you pretty disturbed though!

With Nawazuddin Siddiqui at the top of his game, one cannot stop abhorring the immoral and dubious predator that his character is who has zero guilt or sense of morality about how he exploits his student! That his wife was also once his student goes on to hint that its possibly not a new game for this creepy man! As much as the director Shlok Sharma stays away from taking any moral stand through the screenplay and leverages the fine skills of the actor to humanize this character, this vulturous man leaves you gravely disturbed! Shweta Tiwari puts up a pretty good act too in terms of showing the emotions, helplessness, immaturity and sudden maturity of the school girl she plays, but honestly its just not convincing enough to take a 30 yr old woman playing a 15 yr old school girl however good she is! The two young boys are as adorable as they are creepy and convoluted in their thoughts, but bring in that naive perspective to the story at times – a path that Shlok Sharma wants to firmly take without being judgemental! The other supporting cast does not leave a mark, other than Shreya Shah cast as Neelu who breaks away from all typical stereotypes of a partner for a middle aged loner.

Yet what does not work well in the movie is its non uniform texture – while the writing is fine in places, the overall editing and script comes across as choppy and directionless at times! The end left me highly disappointed – it was almost as if the director did not know where to take the story beyond a point and loses his plot completely!

Overall – Haraamkhor turned up better than what I had gathered hearsay when the film released, but still ends up being a fairly unevenly blended end product wanting for more, after all the promise it develops!

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