Aligarh – It is a Manoj Bajpayee show all the way


Finally caught up with Aligarh after missing it in theatres last year.. Its a very important story that needed to be told, and is powered by a masterful portrayal of the protagonist by Manoj Bajpayee.. He just nails down every emotion of Prof Siras to perfection with a consistently understated and yet hauntingly sorrowful act.. Rajkumar Rao supports him very well and the scenes between him and Bajpayee are some of the best that the film offers.. The writing though is clunky in places, and screenplay suffers because of poor editing and uneven storytelling..

Inspite of its rough edges, Aligarh will be remembered for the career best awwspiring performance of Bajpayee and many sublime moments that he creates by getting his entire body language right to convey his fragile emotions.. His every blank stare is perfected to share his solitude and pathos with not a word uttered at times..

Its heart breaking though that the film decides to end on such a tragic note (although I am aware that is what actually happened) and specifically hits out on the reinstated criminalisation of homosexuality, a journey backward on human rights for sure.. Its just leaves you bleak and upset, and somewhere the fight for justice of Prof Siras and his contextual triumph somehow gets trivialised! Sad !!

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