Naushad Ali – A legend

Remembering the legendary composer Naushad Ali on his death anniversary through this masterpiece… This song is an epitome of expresssion of romance.. Beautifully penned by Shakeel Badauni, this one song is enough to prove why Rafi Saab was the greatest of them all.. I get goose bumps every time I listen to this.. what expressions and emotions – this is gayaki at its best!

The story goes that SD Burman was so impressed with this composition that he personally complemented Naushad for the same. He specifically appreciated the brilliant use of santoor in this lovely song which was played by none other than the legendary Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma..

This is now going to play in loop for this Friday evening… Life is still good in spite of everything!

#RememberingALegend #NaushadAli #RevisitingClassics

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