Sachin A Billion Dreams – The Master Blaster, The Man

Thoroughly enjoyed Sachin A Billion Dreams.. It was totally reliving my growing up years (rather growing old years!) through the journey of the greatest in the sport ever… I am so glad that it was not dramatized and was rather presented in its unadulterated documentary format.. It was far more involving and nostalgic that way… Getting to watch his rare family videos was such a bonanza.. To me, they were the real treasures of movie and reveal the vulnerabilities of the man behind the legend… Kudos to Anjali for being such a perfect partner for the little master, so that he could only and only focus on his career! It was also good to see most of his teammates and other world’s greats talking so passionately about him.. Noted the absence of interviews from the likes of Dravid & Kumble though which kind of left the circle incomplete..

The chant ‘Sachin Sachin’ from a country of billion dreams still raises goose bumps! The man still remains the greatest hero of the sport and inspiration of millions of kids out there who are dreaming big to do something in the sport that the nation still breathes! His down to earth and extremely humble outlook even after reaching the highest pedestals of fame and honor is still a 101 on how to remain a good human being! No wonder there will never be another one like him! No wonder I smiled through an entire film after a very very long time…

Thank you Sachin for being you!!


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