The Ghazi Attack – a wasted opportunity

Caught up with The Ghazi Attack over the weekend and frankly it was quite a let down! The film is miles away from subtlety and every message is hammered top down! The smart execution expected from a first hindi film on under water war is rather jaded and this one is like a slightly improved version of JP Dutta’s Border from years ago! One can imagine the pitfalls of the script when the Indian army suddenly breaks into a ‘Sare jahaan se achha’ or ‘Jana gana mana’ during a supposedly tensed moment, just to push patriotism down hard without being able to evoke it through the missing nuances of the drama! Other than the main officers, the naval crew looks so shabby and unkempt and sweat at the drop of a hat! The sudden inclusion of civilians in the ship including a child again is part of the forced over the top drama! And it completely loses itself when it one scene KK Menon suddenly whispers instructions to the crew as if the enemy is intercepting voices within the ship! I expect far more restraint and class from an actor of Menon’s calibre! Surprisingly its Rana Daggubati who gets it better than Menon, while Atul Kulkarni is the brightest star of the film! And I don’t even know what Tapasee Pannu was doing there! Overall, the film was a big downer for me. War films need to have no emotional frills attached, should have crispness to its core, and should not be predictable at every other scene – this one was just the reverse of every such thing!

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