Midway roundup 2017 – Movies

Mid way through 2017, its been the small bollywood films that made a BIG lasting impresssion for me…
– #ADeathInTheGunj#MuktiBhawan#AnarkaliOfArrah

These movies were so far ahead of the other commercial potboilers that it is a pity that they still don’t get the right audience support that they deserve… Films like this need to be supported far more, so that more and more film makers dare to make something different and do get backed-up with the right financial support.. More and more power to these strong films, and wish to see more of them through the rest of the year…

However, this would have also meant that other the massive success of the extravagant and overdone #Bahubali2, the business of cinema suffered for the most part of 2017, since there was no other real blockbuster! The #Raees and the #Kaabil of the world possibly made some money (not watched), as did the rather disappointing #BadrinathKiDulhaniya (the worst I watched in 2017 so far)! And quite surprisingly, the immensely warm and charming #MeriPyaariBindu turned out to be the box-office dud, while it had such a refreshing appeal! Amazing are the ways of Bollywood!

Outside bollywood, watched two fantastic films in #Bishorjon and #Lion – both of them standing very very tall in their own rights! But again, that was disappointment coming from Tallygaunge that there were no other films at all that resonated with my sensibilities, and it was pretty much a wash..

Will the rest of 2017 change the equation dramatically? Will we have films that will be solid in content and at the box office as well? We will have to see.. Hopefully yes!

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