Midway roundup 2017 – Music

The first half of 2017 has been disastrous for hindi film music! Other than one brilliant album, there wasn’t a single film or song that really registered or stayed back (And yes, I am considering Zaalima from Raees, or Saahiba from Phillauri)!

It was just that one album from #MeriPyaariBindu that struck gold – whether it was the lovely recalls from yesteryears in the mix tape, or the very soulful Haareya or Afeemi, beautifully composed or rendered! But the song of the year so far certainly has to be Maana Ke HuYaar Nahi – I loved both the versions alike – Parineeti weaved magic with her solo track, while it was the picturization and fitment of the duet that made me instantly love that one when it played in the theatres!! It will be very difficult to surpass the magic of this one..

On a second thought, ‘Kanha so ja zara‘ from #Bahubali2 was a decent composition as well and was beautifully presented.. But it still does not come close to Dhivara of part 1..

The upcoming releases from the houses of Imtiaz Alis or Anurag Basus also do not offer any spark at all in the music released so far.. Looks like 2017 will go down as a pretty dry year for melody, unless there is a sudden surprise from somewhere!

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