Mom – is More Shrill and Less Trauma

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Mom could have been a much much better film! For most part of it, it is loud, shrill and too filmy that spoils it from becoming a dark, disturbing, and hard hitting film! One, you have seen this too many times before; Two, the script has way too many gaping holes throughout, quite unpardonable for a thriller; and Three, there is way too much of screeching background score in the film (other than the crime scene) that just dilutes the gravity of the film at the most crucial junctures!

Here is a screenplay that is written from A to Z only keeping the Mom in mind, so much so that the agony, the trauma, and the cringing horrific experience that the daughter goes through somewhat gets relegated to the background! Which is hugely disappointing, because frankly its Sajal Ali who is the find of the film and is outstanding amidst a bunch of very fine actors! She speaks with her eyes in every shot she gets and never delivers a false note! Its a shame that she does not get more screen time!

Sridevi of course makes full use of the script modelled for her and hits sixers in scenes with minimal dialogs just through her eyes, facial emotions and body language. Unfortunate again that she gets some very filmy dialogs to possibly garner more audience claps, but where she falters the most is where she had to howl and scream per the script – way too dramatic and not fitting in to the character of Devaki! Also, we all know that she is too strong an actor – the script did not need to sacrifice sketching all the other characters to their needed depth, to get her all the screentime and prove her acting prowess again.. She could actually have been much more impactful the other way round!

And hence, most of the rest of the cast don’t get very well developed roles! Nawazuddin Siddiqui is such a powerhouse of talent that he does not need the gimmick of a separate unrecognizable getup to stand out, and kind of gets wasted in a poorly sketched role! Akshaye Khanna should have also got more meat to his role again, but does a great job with whatever little he gets and has a delicious screen presence! Adnan Siddiqui is apt for his part, but the bad guys actually overdo it and don’t leave a mark! As already mentioned, the music by AR Rehman is a big disappointment! First time director Ravi Udayavar has miles to go before he can make a better next film!

Overall, a rather disappointing and underwhelming experience.. May be because the expectations were so high, both from the actress and the film! Drama over sensitivity, Shrill over Trauma, Noise over dark discomfort – and hence an opportunity lost!

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