Dunkirk – It is the ultimate story of hope!


There are movies about war, there are movies about survival, and then there is Dunkirk – the ultimate tale of survival and hope…

+ where thousands of soldiers are waiting amongst death every day and ‘hoping’ to go back home, to life

+ where an old father who has lost his elder son to war on the third day sets out with his other son ‘hoping’ to save maybe another soldier, armed with just a bunch of life jackets

+ where the commander in chief sees the ‘hope’ of home in all the approaching civilian boats for rescue, and then stays back after the British army evacuation ‘hoping’ to rescue the French allies

+ where rescue ships and vessels getting bombed or fired at, continue to see soldiers jumping from it for life ‘hoping’ for another shelter, another evacuator

+ where partner planes of airforce go down and fuel meters give up, but the quest continues ‘hoping’ to bring down just another enemy plane creating havoc

+ where every story of survival is the story of a hero, one who has overcome the ultimate fear of death just by hanging in there, clinging to every ‘hope’ of life..

… There is not much one can write to review this masterpiece, because it actually leaves you numb for quite a long time even after the end credits have rolled.. The master storyteller in Nolan uses three time scales of a week for the mole, a day for the sea and an hour for the air, and then brings it all together to converge at one point with ultimate precision! And along the way he creates goose-bump visuals through land, water and air; and nerve wrecking sound impact of every bullet fired, every bomb dropped, every shoe thumped, every ship sunk, every breath gasped and every scream echoed!

Its mind boggling to even think how this vision was conceptualized, leave aside executed to this precision! This is a true masterclass of film making, and a deep study of humans under extreme psychological pressure and their ultimate endurance to combat that! This is drama of highest order and a completely moving experience – with very little said but a whole lot told about the deadly war and its devastation, about the ‘hope’ to survive all of that and be a hero of life!

Christopher Nolan – Respect!


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