Bareilly ki Barfi – is delightfully fresh

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Ashwini Iyer Tiwari – Thank you for taking us back to good old feel-good origins of Basu Chatterjee and Sai Paranjape, and getting inspired by the likes of ‘Chhoti si Baat’, ‘Baaton baaton me’ and ‘Katha’ !! Bareilly Ki Barfi is a similar gharana of film-making where simple stories about simple people are told simply, punched in with clean humor and wittiest of dialogs, where the characters feel real with multiple shades of grey, where we all know what the end will be but the journey to that end is as charming and endearing as its characters! Through Chirag Dubey, Pritam Vidrohi and Bitti Mishra, one finds great mix and match of Katha’s Rajaram, Sandhya and Bashudev; with Chhoti si Baat’s Arun, Prabha and Nagesh; its the same nostalgia of crooked sweetness.. While the Rosie Parreira of Baaton Baaton Mein finds her bosom sister in Sushila Mishra of Bareilly! And the lovely sweet bond between Mishra’ji and his Bitti is right made out of the dad’s Lovela Sweets!

There is some very good writing going on here by Nitesh Tiwari to deliver some of the best dialogs of the year with some brilliant scenes, and extremely well cast crew all of whom are in top form and do full justice to the well written characters – yes including Kriti Sanon! Pankaj Tripathi and Seema Pahwa are extremely adorable as Bitti’s worried parents in their own ways, and their daughter Bitti finds her flight through a very balanced performance by Kriti! Yes, she does not give you a chance to think how a Parineeti or an Alia would have delivered this Bitti! But the real pillars of the movie are – the ever charming but the first time ever ‘neech’ and scheming Ayushman Khurana, and the seamless dual punch Rajkumar Rao who by the way ‘character pakad ke chal rahe the’! These guys are indeed the effortless Amol Palekar and Farookh Sheikh of today with the modern day twist, who get every accent, every emotion, and every expression right just through their speaking eyes!

Technically – in addition to the great writing, the production design gets it fully right, the music is catchy (although a couple of songs do appear stretch), and the screenplay could have been a shade tighter especially in the second half.. But supperb performances from the entire ensemble keep the story moving thru a very enjoyable ride.. It was great to see a houseful screen for a film with no big cast.. surely the movie is gaining from some good word of mouth publicity, more power to such well made cinema!

Ashwini – you should have actually named the film – Bareilly ki Jalebi! For sure, its as juicy, sweet and addictive as the twisted delicacy!

Bilkul bhi pheeki nahi hai yeh to! Bhaiyya – Mazaa aa gaya!!

#SimpleStorySimplyTold #FeelGoodFreshness #LingeringSweetness

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