Bad movies with great soundtrack

Just like that – what would be a list of some really good overall soundtracks from some really bad movies??

I must also say here that my tolerance level with bad movies is usually pretty low and hence I mostly avoid them, but based on what I have seen, my top of the mind recall would be:

>> Delhi 6 – Disaster cinema. Brilliant music.
>> Om Shanti Om – Clearly the best of VS wasted in a very bad Farah Khan film!
>> Yuvraaj – Another great Rehman score lost in a stupid film!
>> Papa kehte hain – No comments!
>> Refugee – Blame it all on JP Dutta!
>> Border – Ditto!
>> Kareeb – Bobby Deol movies should not have good music, will always go waste!
>> Asoka – Fascinating tracks, still fresh, and what a sorry film!
>> Jism – Why would such an exceptional soundtrack be used in such a movie!
>> Main hoon na – Blame it on Farah Khan again!
>> Dil kya kare – Headache! But great songs!
>> My name is Khan – Not a terrible film but had a potential to be so much more.. like its music was!

>> Rockstar – Unpopular opinion, but to me it was Huge disappointment as a movie, a complete opportunity lost! Terrific Rehman!

And then there is a Jhoom barabar jhoom, or a Salaam e ishq that I did not even dare to watch though the music of both films is pretty decent..

Comments? Thoughts? More movies? Any disagreements?

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