Shubh Mangal Savdhaan – flourishes on its writing


Hindi cinema has come a long way with Shubh Mangal Savdhaan.. One could not imagine the topic of erectile dysfunction being dealt with in a full length feature film even a few years back.. And thanks to some wonderful writing by Hitesh Kewalya and a matured direction by RS Prasanna, the film does not get into the realms of tacky or sleezy even for a minute in spite of its central theme.. Rather it offers some real witty humor and sharp dialogs that deliver the message with all the pun intended and yet remains aesthetic.. What works well is the setup that is created by a bunch of very real common people characters portrayed adeptly by the lead cast and the entire ensemble surrounding them! And Yet, I was tad disappointed because I was expecting the film to be so much more, and it had everything going to actually get there!

Ayushman Khurrana is in top form yet again, and his Mudit will win over anyone and everyone from the way he looks, emotes, feels and reacts! Your heart just goes out to him! He is very ably supported by Bhumi Pednekar who is a great example how a very ordinary looking girl could still make it big in the glitzy industry just on the basis of very natural performances.. But both of them are treading a delicate borderline path of becoming typecast in characters like this – I think they are talented enough to try out things totally outside the niche they are building.. and hopefully they are listening! The supporting cast is again rock solid and actually help is creating some of the best moments in the film.. even better than the ones between the couple to be.. Seema Pahwa and Brajender Kala especially are brilliant and deliver the funniest lines just like that.. Full credit again to the biggest hero standing up in the film – fantastic writing and some of the best dialogs of recent times!

The big problem of the movie is actually towards the climax after a great build up (reflective of the issue it tries to address?) including a completely unnecessary cameo, and does break the rhythm of the film big time! I also thought that the other big problem for me was that almost all the highest moments of the film were already all capsuled into the trailer itself, and hence there wasn’t a lot of punch left to further wow the audience from what the trailer had already done!

And lastly and very importantly, why was the film not released with an A rating? OK – I do get all the aesthetics and that is praiseworthy… but shouldn’t the certification of the film be in accordance with the topic it handles? Or is it that the CBFC has issues only with ‘lady oriented’ topics and not with ‘gents problems’?

Frankly, in spite of all this effort, the Mishras of Bareilly along with a certain Dubey and Vidrohi took it away from the Sharmas and Joshis of NCR when it came to creating a more wholesome entertainer.. at least for me! Over to waiting for a certain Nutan Kumar now!!

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