Most overrated Hindi films!

Very recently, have been active on multiple discussions across forums or groups that have eventually led to talking about a lot of overated work from Bollywood. By overrated, I strictly mean cinema that got a lot more appreciation than what it deserved, often getting into a cult movie status surprisingly. Also we are not looking at overrating based on commercial success because most of the BO success anyway comes from rather junk cinema. Very naturally then, all / most of the work from the likes of Karan Johar or Rohit Shetty or any of their likes anyway does not qualify for this list! This also eliminates movies under RK banner as a whole for the exact same reason!

This is strictly looking at cinema that got a lot of critical acclaim, or over time is considered the best of its genre, but does not deserve the same IMO. And of course this is all based on my opinion strictly and may or may not align with the rest. Controversial it will be – but it is still be constructive point of view, and would be good to know varied perspectives!

So – here I go with movies ‘I thought’ were highly overrated, and in no particular order:

1. #TanuWedsManuReturns – I still can’t figure out what was so special about this film including the double role by Kangana that went on to fetch her the national award! Or was it just that it was too surprising of her to play the very different Kusum and hence the oodles of overhype?

2. #PK – The weakest film of Raju Hirani and possibly of Aamir Khan as well for the amount of praise and even tremendous BO success it got.. A rather OTT AK spoiled the entire experience, at least for me! Oh My God that played to a similar theme as PK was made so much better and was far more enjoyable!

3. #3Idiots – Staying on with Raju Hirani and Aamir Khan, I did find 3 Idiots overdone too at least in parts, though definitely it was far better than PK! Its not that I did not enjoy 3I in parts, I did! But certain aspects of the movie like when the baby gets delivered, or the melodramatic family stories of all the three guys did irk me up!

4. #Fashion – Fashion single handedly changed the career graph of Priyanka Chopra, and almost made that fine actress out of her, and I am not sure why! Fashion is as overdone as any other Madhur Bhandarkar movie (other than Chandni Bar and Page 3), and simply lives on over the top drama!

5. #Black – I get absolutely stunned when Black gets mentioned as one of the greatest Bollywood films ever made! Why? Amitabh Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee overacted on every single frame of the film! It was almost like Devdas made on a serious garb! I remember Sreyash Talpade starrer Iqbal released very close to Black, and it was so much more positive and refreshing in approach for its natural story telling!

6. #Neerja – I get it that it was the best acted movie of Sonam Kapoor and she literally surprised everybody; but did that really make Neerja like the best film of 2016, the year that saw a Pink and a Kapoor & Sons as the range of great cinema? The script for that premise should have been so much tighter, and the rather loud acts from a Rana Daggubati or even Shabana Azmi should have been so much more restrained!

7. #DilwaleDulhaniyaLeJayenge – OK let me clarify upfront that I love DDLJ for all the entertainment it packs in and more so for some great memories. But calling it the greatest love story ever made just takes it a bit too far in my opinion and goes overboard in all the credit due!

8. #MotherIndia – This one was our first official entry to Oscars, and I wonder why! Extremely loud in the overall approach, there is not a single scene that does not scream to convey the point. Honestly quite disappointing!

9. #Pakeezah – This one gets claimed as the Ghulam Mohammed and Meena Kumari classic and I am so confused on why that would be so! I just love the music of Pakeezaah, all of it – but the film was way too ordinary in my opinion, too ornamented to be taken seriously!

10. #Rockstar – I have seen Rockstar getting mentioned as the most matured film of Imtiaz Ali and the best of Ranbir as well by many, but I simply do not get the hype! I found it a very poorly made and edited film and a huge opportunity lost from all ways!

11. #TheDirtyPicture – Vidya Balan is the finest actress we got in Bollywood after a very long time and she has been the true trailblazer in having Bollywood create more and more cinema completely focused around central female characters. But its rather atrocious to consider Dirty Picture as great cinema and her Silk being a path breaking depiction of the sleezy world ending up in a national award!

12. #Aandhi – I am a HUGE Gulzar fan and love his brand of film making. But I strongly think that Aandhi is not amongst his best, or for that matter not worth all the hype it created. The film immensely benefited from the controversial topic it touched and the brilliant soundtrack, much more than it deserved. And to me, it was the Suchitra Sen brand of overacting that pulled it down!

13. #Mandi – Highly acclaimed in the art house circuit, Mandi is one of the weaker films of the legendary Shyam Benegal. The film boasted of a powerhouse of talent with Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil amongst others, but did not cut it to the desired impact because of a much weaker screenplay than the likes of Bhumika, Nishaant etc.

14. #LipstickUnderMyBurkha – The latest one in the list, lipstick could have been so much more! Thanks to a certain Nihalani, the film came loaded with a lot of pre release hype and fully encashed on it! Other than a very good Ratna Pathak Shah, nothing much stood out and to me.. it just appeared that it kind of became fashionable to claim lipstick as a great film!

15. #Deewar – I am aware that seeing this film listed here will irk many people off completely because more often than not Deewar gets referred to as a cult classic and the best work of Amitabh Bachchan! And I get very surprised why! An extremely ordinary storyline with a rather over the top Manmohan Desai style of drama, I find this as the most overhyped performance of AB! In fact, Shashi Kapoor was so much better than the OTT Bachchan in this Yash Chopra outing!

I know this list can only grow, but I think this is enough ammunition for heated controversy already!! Like I said, this is strictly based on my sense of cinema, and there is nothing right or wrong here!

But it would be fun to hear out views and counter views and also what could be some of the other overrated hindi films that you saw! Bring them on!!

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