Pink – Tu khud ki khoj me nikal

+ NO Means NO.
+ Na sirf ek shabd nahi hain, yeh apne aap me ek vaakiya hain.
+ We have to save our boys to save our girls!
+ Tu khud ki khoj me nikal…

Looking back at Pink:

Terrific is one word that describes everything about Pink!! Where the subject is the king! Where intensity and subtlety speak much louder than drama! Where normal people exist without any moral lenses! Where you wear what you are comfortable with even when you are being treated miserably, because that is the normal you! Where your relationships can exist without having to justify them! Where every Meenal would want to have a Falak and Andrea in her life and vice versa! Where NO is a complete sentence and #NOmeansNO

Thank you Aniruddha Roychoudhury and Shoojit Sircar for making Pink! Thank you for the opening title credits where the girls make their justified space before the superstar! Thank you for handling the subject so sensitively! Thank you for the amazing script, smart editing, extremely tight screenplay and some of the best dialogs in a film in a very very long time!! Thank you for making such an important film that every single individual must watch right from the vulnerable teenage!!

And to the entire cast – take a bow! All of you nailed it to the tee – nothing over, nothing under! The expressions of vulnerability, anger, fear, helplessness, deep bonding, sarcasm – everything was spot on! The side cast from the landlord, to the cop, to Piyush Mishra to Dhritiman all deliver perfect!
The boys were terrific in their act! Amitabh Bachchan was brilliant as Deepak Sehgal and I am so glad Tony casted him to use his brand to initially draw audience to the theatres before it could get the word of mouth!

And then – there were the 3 awesome women!!
Andrea Tariang – Fantastic!!
Tapasee Pannu – Brilliant, your eyes speak everything!!
And Kirti Kulhari – Dumbstruck and Goosebumps!!! Outstanding performance, you just stand apart!!! Wish to see you more and more!!!

Terrific is one word that describes everything about Pink!! Absolutely Terrific!!

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