Projapoti Biskut – leaves very little aftertaste


Projapoti Biskut is a Huge drag from start to finish.. ! It seems like a novice attempt of film making to acting to everything – Anindya Chattopadhyay was really good with his last outing at Open Tee Bioscope, and had created the genre and the north calcutta nostalgia so well.. I am not sure what he actually tried here – or whether the movie became so ridiculous because the producers Nandita Shiboprosad did not want Anindya to be at his natural self!!

The newcomers Isha Saha and Aditya Sengupta try but do not create any impact may be because they try too much! Even veteran actors like Aparajita Addhya or Shantilal are more carricaturish than funny! Rajatava Dutta seems a misfit in the cast because he is the only one who appears like a complete natural in what he tries to do! The weakest link of the film though is the script that just does not go anywhere – there was potential in the concept, a lot of potential actually, but just does not get explored!

What gets explored well though is the background score which is pretty good, the full songs not so good again, which should not have been so! Also standing out was the overall production design including the interiors of Antar’s house, and most of Saon’s handloom sarees (loved them)!

In summary – Pujo is all about feasting and fun, but this biskut does not find its place in that delectable spread!

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