Byomkesh O Agniban – It is unwatchable


Anjan Dutta needs to realize that a story punch of three outings from the Satyanweshi can become a terrible overdose going all wrong just like a cocktail punch can go all wrong leaving you with a terrible headache! I guess that sums up Byomkesh O Agniban in short! A film that never finds its grip with seriously overdone characters including Swastika, Ankita and Anjan himself amongst all others, this one leaves many questions unanswered with a poorly executed script and some lousy editing! And the actors who played the young Byomkesh and Ajit were pathetic to say the least!

Amidst all the debacle, Saswata gets some of the best lines in the movie and remains the most credible ‘sutradhar‘ of Byomkesh stories.. Jisshu had come of age as Byomkesh in Chiriyakhana itself and looks / emotes well here as well.. The other positive is that Ushashi gets only a couple of scenes thankfully!

But all of this cannot save this film from sinking as one of the weakest Byomkesh outings! It is boring, tacky and preachy at the same time making it a completely unwatchable affair!!

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