Sahaj Paather Gappo – Dazzling colors of innocence


There are films that bedazzle you, there are films that leave you moved by sheer scale or the aura or performances of big names associated with it, and then there is Sahaj Paather Gappo that leaves you dumbstruck by its simplicity and innocence, personified beautifully by Gopal and Chhottu! No wonder then that both Nur Islam as Chottu and Samiul Alam as Gopal have very deservingly won the National award for best child artist, bringing this category back to Bengali cinema after 30+ years!!

Frankly this is a film where words or expressions will not be able to justify the spirit of childhood, its lust for life, its pure innocence, its pain and fear or losing, and its ultimate world of dreams and hope that the film encapsulates in its varied frames! Kudos to director Manas Mukul Pal for his vision and passion to bring Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay’s ‘Taal Nabami’ so beautifully to screen, and to producer Avijit Saha to stand behind this gem after Pal was almost losing hope with his subject struggling for financing. The way Pal has captured the essence of rural bengal and the undying vibrance of childhood in every shot is bound to remind the viewer of Ray’s masterpiece ‘Pather Panchali‘ at multiple places! Through their absolutely natural act, speaking eyes and endearing smiles, Nur and Samiul transport you to their world to feel their anguish, pain, fear, bonding, zest for life in very simple but deeply impactful form. The terrific cinematography, background score and audiography act as wonderful enablers in their overall journey as well and add to many goose-bump moments!

It was great to see that through good word of mouth publicity, the film this week has been able to capture back more shows in more screens than the two odd shows it had till last week, and that there was good 70-75% occupancy! But a gem like this deserves far more backing, and far more support! Go watch it before it gets lost in the Diwali dazzle to relive your childhood, and revive your lost zest for life through the innocence and simplicity of Chottu and Gopal! Its raining brilliance in their world!!

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