Breaking Barriers – Testing new grounds

As lovers of cinema or of specific actors, we often get to set images of our favorite stars and don’t appreciate them if they do something else, while their profession demands them to do things that are different! Yes all actors have their limitations of emoting or do certain characters better than the others, but its appalling that we outright dismiss good attempts as well! I believe it takes a lot of courage for a Salman Khan to break the larger than life images of Dabbang, or Ek tha Tiger to do an emotional Tubelight; or an Aamir Khan to attempt a complete nuisance of an over the topcharacter in Secret Superstar! But we just think that they did not fit in!! Ranbir Kapoor has faced the biggest brunt of it – he does a Bombay Velvet or a Jagga Jasoos with as much ease as a YJHD, but we always critique on his choice of roles!! Just beats me how we tend to fit everyone in boxes and don’t like if anyone deviates from conforming !!

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