A decade of terrific performances – Ranbir Kapoor


Yes – its hard to imagine that it is already a decade when a supremely talented Ranbir Kapoor made his on screen debut with the highly underrated Saawariya exactly on this date! The film was way ahead of its times and it did sink, but the young actor shone, and how! Today, he is easily the best amongst his generation, lending credibility to everything he does, making his characters so much believable by the sheer strength of his acting prowess, that they stay on with you even if the film loses steam in a few cases! He has never stepped back from challenging his own self and the range of his characters portrayals is astonishing!

Even when he walked the similar path of a man lost in his ways of finding himself with Imtiaz Ali or Ayan Mukherjee or Karan Johar; his musician Jordan was very different from the robotically lost Ved, the explorer in Kabir Thapar had a very different graph to the kid at heart Sid Mehra and to the Londoner Ayan in very unique ways, and there is a generation who identified with each one of them since you could touch and feel them and indulge in their pain! At the same time, he attempted the terrific earnestness of Barfi!, stepped into the magical world of Jagga, dared to live the big Bombay dreams with Johny Balraj, sold dreams to others as Harpreet Singh, tasted the dirt of Indian politics as Samar Pratap, and made everyone laugh through Prem Shankar! And all of them ended up being some of the most memorable characters of last decade, with some of them having started to age well as cults who will be remembered even 30 years from now! Of course, he did some forgettable work in Roy, Besharam and their likes in between as well, but they are far and few.

The best of Ranbir Kapoor is yet to come, and over many more years! I hope to see him work with a Shoojit Sircar and a Zoya Akhtar and a Dibakar Banerjee in years to come; along with his continued successful associations with Imtiaz, Ayan or Anurag! And may be Kashyap and Kapoor again too for more fire works on screen! I am also looking forward to him partnering with Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh, Rajkumar Rao in more challenging roles other than his traditional co-stars

To many more decades of Ranbir Kapoor and his brand of powerful performances!


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