Padmaavat – the music is tepid

Padmaavat seems to be getting its music and full length songs all over the place! While the background music that featured in the trailer was absolutely stunning and highest point for me, I have been pretty disappointed with the songs so far!

Ghoomar‘ got it all messed up in the lackluster color palette used, the body language of Deepika showing zero energy, and the basic essence of Rajasthani folk!

Ek dil ek jaan‘ similarly has a composition that sounds more Mughal than Rajput again, at least based on what I know of the two genres!

Quite disappointing after its predecessor Bajirao Mastani had such impressive music (well almost, other than Pinga and Malhari!) Or may be, just like that, the less promoted songs will be better? Still hopeful, because music is a department Bhansali usually does not go wrong at all

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