Tumhari Sulu – works in parts!


The prowess of Vidya Balan ensures that Tumhari Sulu will stay in its viewers hearts more like Humari Sulu! Because Vidya and her Sulu lives the world of every middle class homemaker who is full of dreams, optimism and has a never say die attitude, who wants to live every moment of life to the fullest no matter what it is! Sulu wants to shine, she wants to fly like a free bird, and she is least bothered if she has the right formal qualification or grooming to get there! Her yearning to be there on the top is subtly captured through the way she looks startled at her air hostess neighbors, or how she has instinctive business ideas naturally flourishing in her head!

And it is the extraordinary Vidya Balan who makes the very ordinary Sulu all this and more! She laughs and she cries, she brings every relatable emotion to the forefront and she does all this without going overboard in any situation! Vidya doesn’t falter in any frame, even though the overall script and premise of the film is rather faltered! Director Suresh Triveni has an interesting premise at hand, but does not explore it to the fullest! With an unevenly weak script, some stale jokes, manipulative situations, completely unnecessary songs, conveniently forced subplots, and glaring product branding (the adman background shows!), Triveni does not show interest in taking a holistic approach to storytelling, creates caricaturist side characters like Sulu’s siblings or Ashok’s bong boss, and wastes away the opportunity he had to hit hard on patriarchy, marital ego and deeper nuances of relationships! He even keeps Ashok terribly underdeveloped, and yet the wonderful Manav Kaul delivers an endearing performance to make Ashok as believable as Sulu! We need to see Manav so much more on screen!

On the technical side, there is some good work done in production and costume design, background music (the actual songs are all forgettable other than the soulful Rafu); but falters heavily on screenplay and editing that is usually the backbone of any film! The build up to the climax and the subplot about the son is rather manipulative! And wish it was as convenient to give wings to an impulsive business idea just like that! The reason that Sulu still does not get completely lost into wilderness and remains a one time watch is just because of Vidya Balan and her immense talent to shine through this lackluster and predictable premise at every juncture!

Remember what she said? ‘Main kar sakti hain‘!

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