Smita Patil – Terrific Loss Too Soon

Usha (Bhumika), Sonbai (Mirch Masala), Najma (Bazaar), Bindu (Manthan), Khairun (Gaman), Kavita (Arth), Nisha (Akhir Kyon), Jhuria (Sadgati), Anuradha (Dard ka Rishta), As herself (Aakal-er Sandhane – Bengali), Zeenat (Mandi), Savitri (Subah – Hindi remake of Umbartha)….

These are only few of the brilliant roles that the Legendary Smita Patil has aced to excellence in her short but exemplary career!

She is easily the finest actress Hindi cinema has ever seen… Extraordinarily attractive, and tremendously sharp – her entire face was a canvas of the entire range of emotions.. She would not need to talk or even nod, her eyes would do all that was needed to express the most complex things effortlessly… Her strikingly real earthiness is precious rarity frozen in eternity for the world of cinema…

It was 31 years ago on this day that the legend left everyone so untimely.. She was all of 31…


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