Swades – modern day masterpiece


+ A ‘glowing light bulb’ depicting ‘hope’….
+ A ‘movie projection screen’ depicting ‘societal barriers’ to divide people….
+ A ‘larger than life shadow’ of the protagonist on the same screen depicting ‘growing above the petty divisive ways into the hearts of people’….
+ A ‘montage of journeys’ using common-man, crowded modes of transport away from an air conditioned caravan depicting ‘stepping down to the real world’….
+ A ‘claypot of water’ being eventually consumed by the protagonist depicting ‘ getting consumed by the deep earthy impact of the roots and its problems’….
+ A ‘dip of feet into the waters’ of the local waterbody depicting ‘letting it go and feeling the beauty around and within you’….
+ A ‘gift-box of Indian spices’ depicting ‘the entire culture of India encapsulated as memories’….
+ A closing shot of ‘a fight in the akhada’ that the protagonist is enjoying depicting ‘his becoming one with his roots of his country’….

Ashutosh Gowarikar‘s modern day masterpiece is all this and more…. An absolutely brilliant film using stunning visual imagery to communicate so much more than what was on the screen….

Outstanding cinematography, Soul stirring music, Impeccable storytelling, Terrific performances and every other such thing associated with Swades easily makes it one of the top 5 soulful films of this millennium…. A true magical experience….


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