Many Shades of Love

The strength and relevance of love lies in the fact irrespective of its happy or painful texture, it is always beautiful.. And it couldn’t have been better expressed through music and its ever comforting impressions whether they express sorrow or joy..

Here is a quick recall of six of hindi film’s evergreen singers and picking two solos each of them, one poignant and heart wrenching, and the other vibrant and positive.. and I love them equally, I love them all…

Asha Bhosle – Naina hain pyaase mere / Katra katra milti hain

Md Rafi – Din dhal jaaye raat na jaaye / Aapke haseen rukh pe

Geeta Dutt – Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam / Meri jaan mujhe jaan na kaho

Kishore Kumar – Aaye tum yaad mujhe / Phir wahi raat hain

Lata Mangeshkar – Lag jaa gale ki phir yeh / Tere liye palkon ki

Mukesh – Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye / Kai baar yun hi dekha hain

There is literally no defined mood for love.. There is literally love in every mood…

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