LOVE PER SQUARE FOOT : Sweet & Sincere


The new Netflix Original Love Per Square Foot is overall a pleasant watch… A story that dwells and blossoms in the search of identity, security, Independence, assurance and stability – all leading to the need for a home and hence a relationship of its protagonists can well be summed up through the song ‘Do deewane sheher me..’ from the lovely Gharonda from many years ago!

The protagonists here of course here are more rooted to the needs, expectations and demands of 2018, and hence situations, impressions and expressions change for them at breakneck speed; but that does not take away the passion and earnestness from them and the way they feel towards each other and their common dream of their own space where they can breathe by their own rules. Beyond the (un)naturally flourishing love story that finds its rhythm amidst a continued intrusion of unwanted noise, the film actually finds a better ground in exploring the charm, chaos and charisma that Mumbai brings with it, through its common people across religions, cultures and languages and their own sets of nuances, conflicts and confusions..

The film stops short of being brilliant mostly because of its writing which appears half baked in places, over done in others, unnecessarily quirky in its texture at times trying too hard to be cool, or over simplistic at others to find too easy solutions too quick.. It also dangerously borders to become slapstick, but luckily escapes the trap gracefully.. However the lacuna in writing is more than made up through some excellent performances! As the two leads, Vicky Kaushal and Angira Dhar bring in a lot of spark, and Angira especially is in excellent form and gets her essence of her character completely right.. And when the parents are played by the power actors Raghubeer Yadav and Supriya Pathak on one side, and oh so charming Ratna Pathak Shah on the other, you know that you are in extremely safe parental hands.. Ratna particularly is brilliant and nails it to perfection.. She lights up the entire screen whenever she is in it and gets perfect support from the Pathak Yadav team.. The other side characters played by Alankrita Sahai, Kunal Roy Kapoor and bunch of others are all equally good; and its the smoothly blended natural performances of the entire ensemble that helps the film to sail through in its relatively inconsistent but overall pleasant screenplay. The music however doesn’t make a mark and some unnecessary songs could have been easily edited out to make the story crisp and more impactful. But overall, its a good and entertaining product that director Anand Tiwari delivers, that has its heart in the right place and leaves you with a smile. The last shot, though cheesy, is the sweet cherry on the top of this mushy chocolate brownie. Don’t let it go without tasting it..

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