TU HAIN MERA SUNDAY : Has its moments


28577256_2004800543180241_5062961037989985908_n.jpgTu Hai Mera Sunday finally released on Netflix today, after great critical acclaim and a disastrous commercial run from last year, and hence was a chance to catch it up. It is one of those sweet slice of life films that breezes along nicely, with the help of some great moments here and there, consistently good performances, some heartfelt emotions, and some pretty good writing, in parts.

Its the writing only which however drags at times, also taking the help of cliches like setups of community diversity, unnecessary songs, loose editing, or falls into the trope of easy unconvincing resolutions in the end that pulls down the overall impact of the film too unfortunately.

The film thrives on the bromance setup and uses good metaphors of messed up houses, tuning of guitars, coffee beans aroma or a journey to trace the character and emotional arcs of a bunch of Mumbaikars. There are some really interesting female characters in the film too, each becoming a sort of change agent for the men around them. And then there is the city of Mumbai, a city that eventually becomes a character in their lives and our minds too, and does leave behind its own aftertaste. Which is sort of sweet in spite of its rough edges.

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