“There cannot be peace without first, a great suffering. The greater the suffering, the greater the peace.”

Luckily for the fans of Ethan Hunt and the Franchise, nothing has aged, slowed down, or has become peaceful, and hence the latest edition of Mission: Impossible – Fallout does anything but lets you suffer. In fact it possibly breaks all notions of limit in terms of edge of the seat thrill and non stop stylish action, where the ageless Tom Cruise continues to stun everyone beyond belief on what and all he can do at that age! 56 after all is just a number to him!

Director Christopher McQuarrie exactly knows what he wants to accomplish through his movie, and knows his craft well enough to get that done with a lot of swag. The overall storyboard is as generic as possible, but the tricks that he has under his sleeve are a sure treat. He knows the extent to which his leading man can go – right from hanging from a helicopter to riding it, a breathtaking bike chase in the busy streets of Paris, running across the roofs of many London buildings and flying across them, defusing nuclear devices and what not! You know all of this is absurd, you know Ethan will come out victorious at the end of it all along with his trusted and equally stunning accomplices, and yet you buy into his impossible mission and go along with him in his thrilling ride. With amazingly choreographed action sequences, beautifully shot set pieces, the contrived twists that you can see from a distance and yet well integrated with the swiftly moving plot points, along with generously sprinkled humor all over; you get exactly what you have signed up for.

So staying honest to itself in the core, this is mindless sensational entertainment at its best, that is beyond any sort of cinematic judgement. So, grab your popcorn, fasten your seat-belts, and get set go with Ethan Hunt and his team on yet another mission interleaved with breathtaking action, nail-biting cliffhangers, masked identities, suicidal countdowns, and never ending chases. After all , no one, just no one runs like Tom Cruise and his Ethan Hunt!


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