SHARP OBJECTS : Eerie Brilliance!


Sharp Objects was an absolute stunner, and the season finale just matched up to all the eerie atmospherics that the show built up over all the episodes.
(Note – Discussion can have spoilers)

A brilliant slow burner, the show takes you over gradually with its dark and disturbing story about a bunch of psychotic characters, all trying to hide the darkest secrets even from themselves, and all trying to run away from themselves, their past, their present and everything around them.

A terrific performance by Amy Adams, is brilliantly matched by Patricia Clarkson, Eliza Scanlen and the rest of the cast. The Crellins and the Preaker stand tall as the sharpest objects of the show, and anyone who has watched the show will know why.

The other big highlight of the show is its fine editing to blend in disturbingly haunting flashes from the past throughout the narrative to further add spooky clumsiness to the grim environment. The deafening snail’s pace of storytelling gives it the much needed strength of character.

This is easily the best TV series I watched recently on HBO, and I think its a much better adaptation than Gone Girl (also by Gillian Flynn) for screen. Highly recommended to be binge watched in all its eeriness – now playing on Hotstar

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