LITTLE THINGS S2 : Loses Charms of Life


Little Things Season 2 does not start speaking to you instantly like Season 1 does. It takes a lot of time to settle down, and the initial couple of episodes do test your patience. They start pushing you back to Season 1 because that format of well capsuled fifteen to eighteen minute episodes with just five episodes at play worked much better for this millennial feel good drama about Dhruv, Kavya and their impulsive but sparkling life full of little things. Their spunk, their whimsicality and their fresh baked love felt warm and mushy when served that way.

Season 2 takes the story forward by a few years. Dhruv and Kavya seem to have moved forward with their lives and individualisties, and in the process have become more matured, at times more cynical, and certainly more tired. They certainly still do the fuzzy little things, but are also running at a pace faster than they would like as a team, and hence spending more time arguing than with each other. The presence of a third wheel in almost every chapter of their life also acts as a catalyst for them to learn new things about themselves or each other.

The challenge though is that other than a couple of episodes, the writing is not very fluid and seems to be trying to hard to teach life lessons. The length of each episode also seems a little too long to keep the energy going throughout, and at places the writing becomes too dramatic and repetitive. It’s one thing to develop certain character traits of your leads, but its another thing for Kavya constantly using ‘I’m so tired’ or ‘I’ve work/meeting tomorrow’ all the time, or Dhruv’s world constantly revolving around mutton cutlet and not getting it. It gets irritating after a point.

A few performances however do still shine and help recover some lost ground. Dhruv Sehgal especially is very good in front of the screen and makes up for the writing fatigue. He clearly owns the show here with all his charm and a very grounded performance. Mithila Palker is okay, but honestly becomes predictable with her expressions and has a more limited range. Together, they still have an occasional charming chemistry and make us root for them in spite of their differences. My favorite was the conversation they have about other choices after she comes back from her offsite, and talk about important but uncomfortable things of life. The little things shared between Dhruv and Kavya’s mom in absence of the girl herself is another lovely moment of this journey.

I just wish that there were more of these genuinely warm moments sprinkled more generously. Because it is the little things about the moments passing by that makes life so much more beautiful. One shouldn’t let them go by, as the show did.

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