Manikarnika – The trailer loses its way

Manikarnika – The Queen of Jhansi trailer could have been so much more but quickly loses its plot.

Kangana Ranaut in the titular role looks lovely as the princess in the opening shot and I wish there was more to it. The styling and wardrobe of the queen however, although grand, looks clumsy, not true to the period, and does not create an impression.

There is a good supporting cast lined up for the film, but they are all given very poor dialogs. Most of the dialogs appear cheesy, and never feel like real people having real conversations. I am looking forward to what Jisshu Sengupta and Atul Kulkarni do.

The weakest portions of the trailer are the war scenes, which are clumsy, garish and way over the top. The VFX isn’t spectacular either, but the major problem is the choreography of the war action. A sword is able to cut open a skull – I mean seriously? Cinematic liberty can defy science by only so much!

Doesn’t work overall. Kangana has done something to her voice to bring in more gravitas to the character, which would have been fine had her dialog delivery been better. She continues to struggle with it, and continues to try too hard to evoke emotions. I am waiting for another film (barring Queen) where her performance looks organic and not forced.

Manikarnika releases on January 25, 2019


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