We start the year end roundup for 2018 by looking back at some of the best that Bengali Film Music had to offer, but then music is often above language. And happy to start on the note that it has actually been a good year for music in Bengali Cinema. For the past couple of years, other than one album here and two songs there, nothing was good enough to stay with you for long. But this year, there have at least been a few albums and quite a few songs that have played on playlists through the year. Here is looking at the best overall bengali film albums and the most memorable bengali songs from the year. Tune in…

Best Overall Albums


5. Aami Ashbo Phire (Music by: Neel Dutt): This album finds its place in year’s best purely on nostalgic value. Through its songs, composers and song writers father-son duo of Anjan and Neel relive the music that Anjan Dutt composed during 90s and 2000s. Yes, its not uniformly great, but one gravitates towards it on sheer nostalgia, which works! Album link:

4. Generation Aami (Music by: Arindam Chatterjee): The strength of the album of Generation Aami lies in the fact that its songs are well aligned with the coming of age theme of the film and help taking the narrative forward. Chatterjee sets up the mood right from the quirkiness of the title track, and then lets the rest of the songs flow as needed. Well played! Album link:

3. Ahare Mon (Music by: Neel Dutt): Ahare Mon as a film did not need too many songs and hence the album didn’t have a lot too. But Neel Dutt ensured that he gave back some of the best songs of the year through the limited set. They stand out for their playful and happy musical arrangements and nice interplay of words. Lifts you up every single time! Album link:

2. Ek Je Chhilo Raja (Music by: Indraadip Dasgupta): This is possibly the most complete album of the year, with a wide range of songs ranging from semi-classical to sufi to Rabindrasangeet and more. The music of the film (including the background score) becomes all the more beautiful on screen as it helps recreate the intricate period in its grandeur! Album link:

1. Uma (Music by: Anupam Roy): Uma had much better overall music than the film it became. Anupam Roy tried out multiple singers in the album based on the song type and all of them worked well for the specific need. That also adds good variety to the album and keeps the freshness intact. Soothing, inspiring and introspective at the same time, there is enough richness in songs of Uma to rule the hearts! Album link:

And here is looking at some of the best of songs of the year from these albums and a few more.


Best Songs of the Year

10. Ekta Mon : Film – Shonar Pahar, Music – Neel Dutt, Vocals – Anupam Roy


9. Tu Dikhe Na : Film – Ek Je Chhilo Raja, Music – Indradip Dasgupta, Vocals – Kailash Kher, Ishan Mitra


8. Esho Bandhu : Film – Uma, Music – Anupam Roy, Vocals – Somlata Acharyya


7. Shokaal : Film – Aami Ashbo Phire, Music – Neel Dutt, Vocals – Neel Dutt


6. Ahare Mon : Film – Ahare Mon, Music – Neel Dutt, Vocals – Madhubanti Bagchi


5. Jaago Jaago Uma : Film – Uma, Music – Anupam Roy, Vocals – Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury, Ujjaini


4. Esho Hey : Film – Ek Je Chhilo Raja, Music – Indradip Dasgupta, Vocals – Shreya Ghoshal, Ishan Mitra


3. Bhule Jeo : Film – Generation Aami, Music – Arindam Chatterjee, Vocals – Amrita Singh


2. Amar Dukkho Gulo : Film – Drishtikone, Music – Anupam Roy, Vocals – Iman Chakraborty


1. Monta Ahare : Film – Ahare Mon, Music – Neel Dutt, Vocals – Durnibar Saha


All of it and more made up for some good music to croon to in bengali cinema this year. Did you have your favorites from these? Or outside this list? Please share and keep listening!


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