BIRD BOX : Makes as little sense as its title

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Susanne Bier‘s new Netflix film Bird Box could be the weirdest psychological horror film in a long long time. The post apocalyptic premise doesn’t mean that everything becomes a free pass. The script is laden with illogical situations at every juncture, and you can end up feeling stupid trying to reason some of the plot points.

While anyone who ‘sees’ the creatures bring upon death on themselves voluntarily, its hillarious how some of them have survived and made it to the shelter house. The plot becomes even more weird when some of the affected humans are shown to have the control enough to act normal for a while, let the babies get delivered, and only then bring down havoc. We have no clue how the five years easily go by, and the only survivors have casually lived for all this while without much apparent troubles. And what is it with the entire river trail journey, where come what may, Malorie (Sandra Bullock) and the kids can get past anything – boat wreck, a possible drowning and what not, all with the blindfolds on?

The influence of A Quiet Place on this film are clearly evident, but Bird Box is such a disaster as compared to that one. It feels sad to see talents like Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson or Trevante Rhodes agreeing to be part of this outlandish film – both in intent and execution.

The worst is of course kept for the last. In an attempt to give a more hopeful ending of a safe haven, Bier leaves the audience with the scariest of thoughts – in this post apocalyptic world, one can only survive being blind, and humanity will gradually mutate towards it on will. Rather disappointing!


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