DETOUR : Works its way into the heart

Watched a series of short films over the last few weeks, and I always get intrigued by how much these shorts have to say within the five or ten minute capsules. But often it so happens that in order to grab the audience attention and to create an impact, the makers try to give a forced twist to the story without really organically integrating it to the narrative. This happened with Rogan Josh, Justaju, Tu and a slew of other shorts recently, and they all left me disappointed. Detour is an exception to that.

Sumi Mathai‘s short film Detour does not take the route of the enforced twist and hence does not lose its way. It is a refreshing example of how a simple and sweet conversational story can stay clear of all gimmick and still can speak to you on such clear terms. It is a simple premise of strangers Nimisha (Sayani Gupta) and Aarav (Vikrant Massey) finding uncanny companionship and few gentle moments of tenderness as their paths cross amidst a busy life just like that. The connect of this premise builds up because life is sometimes as surprising as that and a chance encounter could enrich your treasure trove of memories with happiness. You really don’t need big events all the time to make that difference, its the simple things that matter.

Massey is very impressive in his usual style and his natural charm radiates through Aarav. Gupta matches him step by step and builds up a warm natural camaraderie through her Nimisha. Together they are as effortless as the script is, and leave a lasting impression in your heart. Take this detour, it will eventually find its way to your heart.


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