Tomar Pasher Desh – Is deeply evocative!

Whatever little has been witnessed of Bijoya so far has given equally intense vibes of Bisorjon if not more. We await with baited breath to know more about the intriguing dynamics of Padma, Ganesh and Naseer, hoping to equally savor this journey of theirs.

Tomar Pasher Desh‘ has only added to that excitement. While the other songs of Bijoya have the beautiful rustic and earthy fragrance of Dohar, Tomar Pasher Desh is all about poetic depth and intense emotions beautifully put to tune by Indraadip Das Gupta and penned by Kaushik Ganguly himself. We will have to watch and see what limits of cinematic brilliance does Bijoya push, but Arijit Singh has clearly pushed himself to the realms of musical excellence and calm intensity with this one and has certainly gifted us one of his best songs to us. It has been permanently added to the playlist now.

Expecting the same from Kaushik Ganguly this weekend.


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