YOU : Who is the Monster?


The new Netflix original series You is one of those extremely problematic shows that glorifies a psychotic monster all throughout and romanticizes extreme emotional abuse and deceit in the garb of going to any extent for love. By deciding to tell the story from a neurotic stalker’s perspective where he firmly believes in his intent and tries to legitimize his extreme darkness every single minute without any sense of guilt till the very end, the makers end up with a chillingly dehumanized message of the lowest form!

Even worse, they glamorize the entire set of proceedings through a protagonist who is shown as the good looking, cute, amicable, friendly lover, neighbour, colleague or friend, thereby manipulating sympathy for him from multiple quarters. They don’t even spare how inhumanly he sort of hypnotizes a young child to leave him with some very scary life lessons, and then wrap the perception of that relationship with apparent care. The toxic mascilunity and the complete absence of conscience in the lead’s voice is as dangerous as it can get. One can argue that the show has a gripping screenplay and more than decent performances, but the messaging is such a huge problem especially the perspective and the tonality with which it is delivered, that it almost feels obnoxious that the show is such a huge hype right now, getting a lot of positive buzz, and has even gotten a huge set of viewers addicted to it if its popularity reports are to be believed.

In one of the later episodes of the show, the central female character Beck asks ‘Who is the monster anyway?’. Well, the answer is as simple as You – here ‘you’ refers to the psychopath Joe, the easily manipulated Beck, all the slimy characters who end up as victims to Joe’s psychosis (and Joe has a justified reason in every case), but more than all of them all the makers who could get away with selling something so messed up as gripping entertainment! Extremely scary this!


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