FOOL FOR LOVE : Illusions of Life

Satarupa Sanyal wants to tell the ever relevant story of illusions of love or loneliness in life in her new short film Fool For Love. 

Bittu (Ritabhari Chakraborty) is stuck in love of her childhood sweetheart Allen (Anurag Kashyap), however life’s script written for them doesn’t allow them to spend enough time together, and Allen is gone for months at a stretch. And at the same time, there is something in that relationship that doesn’t allow her to move forward with anything else in life, and every time she tries, he comes back (in form or in spirit?)

There are rousing emotions of anger, frustration, desire and solitude that fences this relationship, and there is a narsicistic and violent sense of possession of Allen wrapped in the grab of a softer protective care that sort of strangles Bittu to go forward with life, so much so that she eventually decides to set her spirit free of all the pain and losing someone all the time.

Sanyal somewhat leaves the interpretation of whether Allen actually came back to Bittu or not open to audience interpretation; and that actually adds weight to this short. While we see pieces of broken pottery scattered in the room, there are no signs of the wounded man in the final act – for all we know, Bittu wasn’t really the fool for love, but was more into her own world of imagination, hallucinating about Allen and his overpossessive self, struggling with the illusions of love and life, and hence takes her final call on the same to seek peace. I would prefer to think that Sanyal wanted us to see it that way, to make the entire premise far more interesting.

Overall its a captivating story told in a capsule, and is powered by good performances by both Ritabhari and Anurag, especially Ritabhari. She also shows her flair for writing an intriguing screenplay. A rich production design including the overall color palette used by Gairik Sarkar in his brilliant cinematography is the other highlight of the short and helps to build up the atmospherics of sombre pain and voids of life. It finally leaves you with the very same feelings, with love sometimes leading you to the darkest trails of loss, solitude and breaking away. Whether that is foolish or not is often a deeply personal journey that one takes.


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