Kalank – Official Teaser

Kalank – the new film by Abhishek Varman, launched its teaser today, and boy it promises a lavish and rich canvas! The film has been scoring a lot of points by its intriguing first looks for a few days now, and the teaser is another solid step towards it.

The scale looks huge and the inspiration from Bhansali kind of canvas is apparent. But more importantly, the characters are looking interesting and the women especially steal the show, Sonakshi Sinha and Alia Bhatt to be more precise. So miss Sridevi today, as she was supposed to be in this film before and then Madhuri Dixit stepped in after her. Sridevi would have added so many layers to her character.

Right statement there by having the name of all the women before the men as well!

Overall seems like a layered betrayal revenge drama surrounding the Chowdhrys, but the sequence of Varun Dhawan engaging in a bull-fight in Gladiator style felt out of place.

My tickets are confirmed for the film now. How about yours? Kalank releases on April 17th, 2019.

Also, if Teaser is this grand, what will the Trailer show? We will have to wait.

Jab kisi aur ki barbaadi apni jeet jaisi lage, to humse barbaad aur koi nahi hain is duniya me..

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