TRIPLING SEASON 2 : Loses its way terribly

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Let me begin with the confession that I had no idea about the Tripling world until very recently. I didn’t watch the Season 1 when it came out about three years back at a time when TVF show concepts were at their prime. It was only after Season 2 was launched and there was a buzz around it, that I watched both the seasons back to back. Of course it was the fresh, grounded and yet fun writing of Season 1 that ensured that I hung around and also completed Season 2 in one go. However, as it happens with multiple series, Tripling Season 2 isn’t even quarter as good as Season 1. In fact, its pretty bad in my opinion!

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Season 1 flourished with sharp writing – great one liners, smartly blended humor, and the best part was the authenticity of the relationship and bond between the siblings! One could identity with the nuances of their witty banter, their unstated affection for each other, and their overall character arcs! Even the parents were so well written and it all worked beautifully. One could relate back to a lot of emotions the family echoed along their journey, and one possibly really craved to go on a road trip with the family for old times sake.

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All the performances were excellent, especially the family members. Amol Parashar of course stole the show as Chitwan, but Sumeet Vyas (Chandan) and Maanvi Gaagroo (Chanchal) supported beautifully. Shernaz Patel made her usual lovely mark within the one episode as Charu. Kunal Roy Kapoor and Kumud Mishra were sincere. Most importantly, the show worked beautifully because things were kept simple and it didn’t need to try too hard. We could all reference back the motivation behind the names of three siblings as Chandan, Chanchal and Chitwan, more so when the mother’s name was Charu. The lovely song from yesteryears played in our mind naturally without anyone having to speak it out aloud. Yes, there were crude product placements, but they still didn’t rob the show of its heart.


The problem with Season 2 is that it tries to turn the show on the head and wants to make a spoof of everything! The success of Season 1 seems to have gone to the heads of writers Sumeet Vyas and Akarsh Khurana, and hence a casual, self gratifying approach takes the place of sincerity. There is an attempt to encash on Season 1 nostalgia, but it frankly does not work. The sibling dynamics is completely lost in the process, and the focus of the story shifts to poorly written caricaturish subplots, whether it is the spoof on a book’s success immediately resulting in a film; a dark genre filmmaker trying to interpret his own vision in the story; a heartless and manipulative robotic activist wife; the deprived, power hungry and scheming sister in law; the in shambles Nawab desperately trying to hang on to an image; the fictitious satyanweshi making a mockery of himself to solve a non existent case; or the lost monastry monks; nothing sticks and every attempt of humor appears as on the face, caricaturish, and trying too hard.

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The writing is equally bad across all the episodes – the cliches, location tropes, and caricatures used to depict everything and everyone in Kolkata as an example just shows how desperate and unoriginal the writing goes. It is laughable how the lazy writing forcibly introduces a reason to shoot on tram as an example and then mock the same for its speed! The performances suffer badly too, no one makes a mark, including Amol Parashar for Chitwan this time! The single episode cameos played out don’t cut it as well, and it is somewhat sad to see talents like Rajit Kapur and Gajraj Rao in their theatrical avatars. Only Rajeev Masand‘s cameo could induce a couple of real good chuckles. The desperation of writing finds its crescendo as the song with the three Cs even needs to be hummed out loud here to hammer the reference down. And yes, the product placements only get cruder.

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Overall, it is a huge disappointment with the almost cringeworthy Tripling Season 2, after Season 1 was so lovely. The contrast hurt so much more for me because I watched both back to back. The C siblings are very interesting characters, and if the writing gets serious once again, may be there is hope for an interesting Season 3 again. We will wait.


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