KOTA FACTORY : The Grey Dreams

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It is not just an aesthetic differentiation that the new TVF original Kota Factory is possibly the first black and white Indian web series. Created by Saurabh Sharma, it uses the color scheme as the very handle to tell the world that the dreams of millions of students (and their parents) every year to crack IIT or equivalent is not all back and white, but a lot of grey in between. This well conceptualized show, that has been releasing one episode every week since the last three weeks exposes the dark shades of ambition vs. ability, and how the pressure often takes an irreconcilable toll on the young minds tainting them for life.

After a damp squibb with TVF Tripling Season 2 a few weeks back, the TVF platform is back to its relatable content rich ways. One may argue that it is somewhat emotionally manipulative and melodramatic when trying to look through a highly critical lens, but one cannot ignore the nostalgia the show is bound to evoke in almost everyone who has gone through the drill of cracking an entrance exam and the trauma of those two years, Kota or not. Of course, the way the show talks about the terror of the Kota machinery makes it even more dramatic for viewing, though not compromising with the relatability zone. Yes, like any other TVF show, you will have to turn blind to the in-your-face product placements that comes default as a part of the package.

There is not much to analyze here as the show is still developing, and the three breezy episodes can be watched either on YouTube or on the TVFPlay app to decide for yourself. If you are still in two minds, see what Kota Factory’s  physics star-mentor Jeetu Bhaiyya talks about the ecosystem..

9th me Pokemon,
10th me PUBG,
11th me Kota,
Kyun? Sharma Ji puchhenge to batayenge,
IIT, NIIT ki taiyaari kar raha hai Kota se,
Cool lagta hain, Fashion hain!

Bacche 2 saal mei Kota se nikal jaate hai!
Kota saalon tak bacchon se nahi nikalta!

7 saal – 4 saal graduation ke, aur 3 saal job ke lagte hai, iss sadme se nikalne ke liye..
Aur fraud baazi ki saaja pata kitni
hai India mei?
7 Saal!

There is more to it.. Do check it out… Its one of the highly recommended things you can watch on digital at the moment..


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