VINCI DA : A Thriller without Thrills

Vinci Da – Quick Take…

So I finally watched Vinci Da on Prime Video and thought it was one of the weakest films of Srijit Mukherji in 2018-19. It is a thriller without any thrill, and is predictable from start to end.

The screenplay is particularly sloppy and feels too melodramatic for a thriller. No time is spent to establish the characters (the leads as well as others) and the character arc and motivations, especially of Vinci Da appears very shallow. The climax can be seen from a distance, and the build up to the same as well as its execution is rather flat. The lesser we speak about its take on horrendous crimes like murder or rape the better. It is very sad to see that a woman is still being used only as a plot trope even in today’s date, and serves no other purpose in a story. Even the technical aspects of the film are weak – Srijit is back with his weird camera angles, poor use of light, lousy sound editing & wannabe one liners, the edit makes the film too rushed, and even the music is completely forgettable (unlike his other films). The dialogues are written just to evoke mass reactions and cheap thrills. Overall, it seems like a film completed in extreme haste.

Ritwick Chakraborty‘s performance is the only positive thing about the film. He is such a fine actor that he can completely camouflage himself into the eccentricity of any role and can rise above the mediocrity of any script. He does really well to get into the headspace of Adi Bose, and possibly helps to make the character more accessible who could otherwise have been written better. Rudranil Ghosh on the other hand, gets trapped in the character and its shaky writing, and is not able to rise above his mannerisms and inherently loud performance style. Anirban Bhattacharya sadly brings in a forced mannerism just for the sake of it for his role, adding nothing interesting to his character. Sohini Sarkar is completely forgettable and her stammering appears very forced. Riddhi Sen adds personal spark to his cameo but then the surprise of that portion was already robbed courtesy the trailer.

Overall, Vinci Da is very disappointing! I had not watched the film in the theatres because I found the trailer very gimmicky, and I was spot on with my instinct on how the film could turn out to be. It is an over indulgent film that drowns in its own attempt to be over smart and trying to be different, and reaches nowhere. The redemption journey that Srijit Mukherji had embarked on with Ek Je Chhilo Raja and more so with Shah Jahan Regency to get back to good stories and good films is reset to square one again! What a shame!

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