A MONSOON DATE : An Emotional Ride

Tanuja Chandra‘s new 20 minute short film A Monsoon Date is a thought provoking portrayal of a tensed and yet confident woman fighting the demons of her life and searching for acceptance for who she is. Written by Ghazal Dhaliwal, the film traces a rain drenched monsoon evening of Mumbai, where the protagonist Konkona Sen Sharma is on her way for a date with a man she has met about a month back.

Her shared cab ride makes her co-passengers with a range of travellers – an elderly couple celebrating the beginning of new relationship, two young girls sulking in a break-up and a happy go lucky cab driver who is all positive towards life. Konkona is a tensed observer of this circle of life in its various stages, and is apprehensive about which way her life will go once she comes face to face with her partner about her reality. The Mumbai monsoon cityscape is a reflection of how her own internal turbulence is drenching her within, and helping her camouflage her overflowing emotions. It is a perfect backdrop to create a world of memories, and one has to watch the film to find out which emotional shade do those memories eventually get coloured with.

A Monsoon Date could have had a better screenplay because it takes some time to unwind itself to come to the point and at times feels slightly chaotic. But whatever it lacks in writing, it makes up for it through a brilliant performance by Konkona Sen Sharma. Her silent glances express a world of emotions as she broods to look back at her life and suffers with the anxieties of an unknown future. The story also finds its legs more through its visual storytelling, which is sharp and symbolic. The film eventually ends on a very strong note as the title credits role off, and leaves a strong aftertaste to linger with.

As the monsoon prepares to peep in with its first spell this season, say hello to this neat little film from Tanuja Chandra. Afterall, stories dealing with transphobia demand a sensitive audience and a compassionate afterthought to ponder about.

A Monsoon Date is now playing on Eros Now.

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