Do paise ki dhoop.. chaar aane ki baarish..
Baarah maas main mausam bechta hoon…

Watch Do Paise Ki Dhoop Chaar Aane Ki Baarish on Netflix for how the Mumbai rains, and the poetry from old hindi film songs become integral characters by themselves in the lives of three marginalized and struggling individuals seeking each other’s company for acceptance and affection.

Rajit Kapoor shines through and through in every frame with his natural ease and the young Sanaj Naval leaves a lasting impression with his innocence. Manisha Koirala gives glimpses of what we miss on screen, but remains somewhat inconsistent frequently over-pitching herself. We needed more of the silent, pristine Koirala and her graceful calmness. The same happens for the overall script and execution by Deepti Naval as well that keeps wavering and doesn’t create as much impact as the beautiful premise had a potential for.

Thankfully Sandesh Shandilya‘s tunes along with Gulzar‘s and Irshad Kamil‘s poetry comes handy to bring the focus back on the core emotions of compassion and bonding between unlikely individuals. In a way that was a must have for the film that pays such rich tribute to the worlds left behind by the likes of Hasrat Jaipuri or Shailendra, and makes them part of lived in worlds.

All said and done, getting lost with Debu, Juhi and Kaku in the wilderness and treacherous ways of Mumbai and its rains was not such a bad idea, especially on a day when my part of the world was also soaked all wet with continued downpour all around and within. Chances are, you will like it as well. There is definitely an abstract and dignified Deepti Naval charm to it!

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