LITTLE THINGS S3 : Wide Perspectives, Deep Impressions

The new season of Little Things, that takes forward the journey of Dhruv and Kavya on a more grounded and realistic journey, grows wider in perspective and leaves behind deeper impressions. Unlike the previous seasons that dealt more with the live-in couple exploring life with and in each other, this time around life takes them long distance, and that possibly gives them a breather to look outward, rediscover themselves in their individual worlds, take them back to their roots on what shaped them to be the people they are today, and find their own happy places and comfort zones. That doesn’t mean though that the show achieves that at the expense of the chemistry between Dhruv and Kavya. If anything, we only find them more matured and stronger to handle spaces, people and things of past and present that life has offered them over time, that in turn make them more lovable individually and together.

As the teaser of the show had rightly put it, long distance makes hearts grow fonder, wonder and wander at the same time. There is so much changing around and within you and the pause allows you to absorb the transitions with lesser jerk. In fact, transition is possibly the uniting theme of all the little things happening this time around. There is Dhruv finally finding groove and confidence in his work and research, there are new sets of friends coming in the life of Kavya to help her cope with the void of Dhruv not being there, Kavya finds her parents entering a new phase of life with new adjustment issues as her father reaches retirement, while Dhruv parents are moving to their new appartment somewhat feeling uprooted from their comfort zone and trying to fit in to an alien societal setup. There is also a deep dive into the growing up years of both Dhruv and Kavya to connect the dots on how they transitioned to think what they think about relationships, commitment and marriage. And it is the strength of some very realistic writing that all these episodic events flow like a breeze and really help us to further appreciate the big small things that placed Dhruv and Kavya in a comfortable and relatable space over years.

One can argue that the show isn’t as cosy and cuddling this time around, and it is a fact that there isn’t a lot of Dhruv and Kavya spending time together in Season 3. At one point, Kavya happily is reminiscent of the fact that they have grown over the phase of only making sandwiches, sleeping, killing mosquitoes or watching TV together. But that only lends more legs to both of them to travel on their own arcs. Do note some wonderful moments created along their journey as they spend times with their new and old friends or neighbours, enabled by some excellent cameos in those roles. In fact, the two best episodes of little things are when both of them go back to their parents at Nagpur and Delhi respectively. The memories of their growing up, the fondness of the parents, as well as the disappointments of them not understanding the other are some very thoughtful reflections of life to form an immediate connect. Loneliness can be a strong emotion that speaks to people miles and generations apart and that helps young thriving people to suddenly look beyond their everyday busy contemporary lives. That the show expands its horizon to weave in these wider perspectives, somewhat liberates itself of the fuzzy cocoon of the previous seasons and also breaks the monotony of the saccharine treatment that was somewhat getting stale.

Over the years, we have grown a liking for Dhruv and Kavya and their little world and that comes from the no nonsense easy breezy relatability that both Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar lend to their characters. Dhruv of course has the added responsibility to be the show writer as well, and must be applauded how he seamlessly gives some additional space as well as likeability for Kavya’s character in this season. A part of it is how the show wants to spend more time in exploring the psyche and the struggle of the partner left behind to cope with a sudden solitude while the other one doesn’t find as much time to feel the loneliness in his life’s grind to fit in to the new place. But a part of it is also by writing in Dhruv as the more imsecured and immatured of the two, struggling more in the reconciliation phase, while the usually more impulsive Kavya has now become more stable and composed with time and has learnt to find moments of joy even outside Dhruv’s world. Time and distance has made her realize the need to lend that space and me-time to each other where it is okay to not share every other thing with each other all the time. Some excellent writing and execution by Dhruv Sehgal, Nupur Pai and Ruchir Arun there for rooting the show with a firmer identity.

And like before, Dhruv Sehgal is equally good both in front of and behind the camera yet again. There is natural everyday charm in him that he blends beautifully into his screen character to make his vulnerabilities deeply felt. Note the little things that he brings in to everyday moments like pulling out cold Rajma from the fridge and gorging on it while he hasn’t been able to spend enough time with his mom. Or how he shines in the entire sequence of feeling uncomfortable and out of place as Kavya’s friends intrude into their personal space on the much needed morning of reconciliation. When he talks about his ego about how his less meritorious friend is now more successful than him, his honesty reflects through his warmth. But then Dhruv has been consistently good across all seasons of the show.

The great thing about Season 3 is how good Mithila Palkar is this time around as Kavya. Honestly, she was one strong reason (along with some repetitive writing) why I personally didn’t like the last season of the show. A monotony and predictability had set in for her entire arc and performance and she was turning out way too rushed for the pace of the show. Come this season, she literally grows up and how. Mithila gets her subtle nuances on point, whether it is about her struggle alone in Mumbai while Dhruv is away, or her trip to Nagpur where she bonds back with her old folks, the friends left behind or Kaju. It is only appropriate that she kind of becomes the guiding light of the relationship and lends Dhruv the courage and comfort that distance can only make them stronger as individuals and more committed in their understanding with time.

It will be interesting to see where life takes them further as time progresses. For a couple deeply in love and phobic to settle down in marriage, it is possibly not even important anymore whether they will eventually get married or not. No matter what happens – this stays, says Kavya and we could not agree more. And that outcome has now grown bigger and better than just being limited to the bounded territories of Dhruv and Kavya and their world of little things.

The Season 3 of Little Things, which is definitely its best season so far, is now playing on Netflix.

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