Best Bengali Film Songs of 2019 – Ranked


We are reviewing the Best of Indian Cinema in 2019, and look at the Best Bengali Film Songs of 2019. We have already reviewed this for Hindi Films and The Best Hindi Film Songs of 2019 are listed Here.

After a couple of pretty weak years for Bengali cinema, it took a turn for the good this year, and we had quite a few good films across genres and filmmakers. Good stories also had scope for good music, and there were films like Shah Jahan Regency or Rajlokkhi o Srikanto where almost all songs turned out good. Albums of Tarikh, or Bijoya stood on their own merit as well. In fact, there were hidden good songs even in average or below average films like Mitin Mashi, Parineeta or Finally Bhalobasha. Then there were films like Nagarkirtan, Kia and Cosmos or Basu Poribaar that did not have a lot of songs play, but their background score was very impressive. Quite a few memorable songs of the year emerged basing themselves on folk music or going back to the roots of classical music. Bengali cinema also continued to use Rabindra Sangeet most appropriately across its stories, and the most memorable recreation of Tagore songs in films this year came from:

  • Jakhon porbe na more paayer chinho – Shah Jahan Regency – Rupankar Bagchi
  • Amar praner pore chole gelo ke – Jyeshtho Putro – Jayati Chakraborty
  • Bhara badar maaha bhadar – Ghawre Baire Aaj – Manomay Bhattacharya
  • Era sukher laagi – Sweater – Iman Chakraborty
  • Khachar pakhi – Mukherjee dar Bou – Nikita Gandhi

Having said that, we picked the Best songs of the year from the bouquet of songs that were primarily composed originally for the film or recreated from an older song. The other rule applied was not to consider more than 2 songs from a given film. This is not a popularity based listing, and songs were considered and ranked only on the basis of their overall merit (holistically looking at the music, lyrics, singing and the overall feel of the song). Listed then are the Top 25 Bengali Film Songs of 2019. Do listen to them:


Top 25 Bengali Songs of 2019 – Ranked

25. KeshtoTeko | Music: Savvy | Lyrics: Ritam Sen | Vocals: Debdeep Mukhopadhyay


24. Sei tumiParineeta | Music: Arko | Lyrics: Arko  | Vocals: Arko


23. Preme pora baaronSweater | Music: Ranajoy Bhattacharjee | Lyrics: Ranajoy Bhattacharjee | Vocals: Lagnajita Chakraborty


22. Chhaye badraGhawre Baire Aaj | Music & Lyrics: Traditional classical | Vocals: Ustad Rashid Khan & Arpita Chatterjee


21. Ekai bhaloShantilal o Projapoti Rahasya | Music: Arko | Lyrics: Ritam Sen | Vocals: Durnibar Saha


20. BhromorBasu Paribaar | Music & Lyrics: Traditional folk | Arranged by: Pt. Bickram Ghosh | Vocals: Manomoy Bhattacharya


19. O jiban tomar satheMukherjee Dar Bou | Music: Indraadip Das Gupta | Lyrics:  Dipangshu Acharya | Vocals: Iman Chakraborty


18. Kato kato monFinally Bhalobasha | Music: Neel Dutt | Lyrics: Anjan Dutt | Vocals: Madhubanti Bagchi


17. Aaye beheste ke jaabi aayeAhaa Re | Music: Souvik Gupta (Savvy) | Lyrics: Kazi Nazrul Islam | Vocals: Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury


16. Barsat saawanMitin Mashi | Music: Pt. Bickram Ghosh | Lyrics: Rajiv Pandey | Vocals: Ustad Rashid Khan


15. Chhile bondhuFinally Bhalobasha | Music: Neel Dutt | Lyrics: Anjan Dutt | Vocals: Neel Dutt


14. Subhash jiGumnaami | Music & Lyrics: Resident Indians of East Asia | Re-created by: Indraadip Das Gupta | Vocals: Sonu Nigam


13. Tomay mone porchhiloRobibaar | Music: Debojyoti Mishra | Lyrics: Debojyoti Mishra | Vocals: Rupankar Bagchi


12. Ki kore hayeKia and Cosmos | Music: Neel Adhikari | Lyrics: Sudipto Roy, Neel Adhikari | Vocals: Neel Adhikari


11. Shobai chupKanttho | Music: Prasen | Lyrics: Dipangshu Acharya | Vocals: Sahana Bajpaie


10. Bondhu maaneiTarikh | Music: Rocket Mondal | Lyrics: Kaushik Ganguly | Vocals: Rupankar Bagchi


09. TomakeParineeta | Music: Arko | Lyrics: Arko | Vocals: Shreya Ghoshal


08. E kul bhangeBijoya | Music: Indraadip Das Gupta, Dohar | Lyrics: Kazi Nazrul Islam | Vocals: Arko Mukherjee


07. Ki ba tomar ange rakhiRajlokkhi o Srikanto | Music: Tanmoy Sarkar | Lyrics: Tanmoy Sarkar | Vocals: Bablu Das


06. Bolo na Radhika taakeShah Jahan Regency | Music: Prasen | Lyrics: Ritam Sen | Vocals: Monali Thakur


05. Tomar pasher deshBijoya | Music: Indraadip Das Gupta | Lyrics: Kaushik Ganguly | Vocals: Arijit Singh


04. Baat chalatMitin Mashi | Music: Pt. Bickram Ghosh | Lyrics: Sugato Guha | Vocals: Madhubanti Bagchi


03. Sagar kuler naiyyaTarikh | Music & Lyrics: Traditional folk | Vocals: Sagardweep Deb


02. Amar etuk shudhu chaoaRajlokkhi o Srikanto | Music: Anirban Das | Lyrics: Anirban Das | Vocals: Timir Biswas


01. Kichhu chayi ni aamiShah Jahan Regency | Music: Prasen | Lyrics: Dipangshu Acharya | Vocals: Madhubanti Bagchi / Anirban Bhattacharya 


So that was the Third Vantage Point Selection of the Best Bengali Film Songs of the Year. Needless to say, these were the ones that played the most on my playlist this year, what was on yours? What were your favorite songs for the year? Do rewind back listening to some of the best melodies of the year, and share…

You can also find the extended coverage of the entire Best of the Decade and Year Series here.

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